To Azeroth


Hello Azeroth!
I'd like to apologize for delaying this week's comic, h1n1 striked me hard and I had to take the week off.
But now I'm back to work, and as for this week, I posted an old work of mine, about wow's next expansion! Enjoy.

Posted by: Ikatsu

Enter the Warrior

Hello Azeroth! This week's issue of Tales of Azeroth features a new hero: Zachary Feaweather!
He is the main character of our stories so you'll see a lot of him in the chapters ahead, I hope you enjoy reading about his adventures!
If you have any suggestion or just want to give your opinion, our forum is finally up!
Have fun and stay tuned for more news coming soon!

Posted by: Ikatsu

Hello Azeroth!

Although the forum is not open yet, you can check the gallery to see the latest issue of Tales of Azeroth.
New issues will be posted every Saturday or Sunday, stay tuned!

Posted by: Ikatsu


Tales of Azeroth tells the story of adventurers in the wonderful world of... Azeroth! It's meant to follow the lore as much as possible, but you can also expect some details that are not in the lore, but these are just details right? The stories include participation from nine heroes, from various races and each class from the World of Warcraft, in their adventures through this magical world. Many of you will recognize not only places and events, but also quests you've done while playing the game, not all quests of course, but the ones that can make the story interesting. It's a nice read and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Posted by: Ikatsu

The website

Well, this project is just beginning so I apologize for the bad quality of this experimental website, I hope to have something better any time soon. But for now, it's all about the stories, so, enjoy it ;)

Posted by: Ikatsu
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